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MSU Bioinformatics Support - The MSU Institute for Cyber Enabled Research (iCER) and the High Performance Computing Center (HPCC), are now offering a Bioinformatics Support Help Desk for researchers in the MSU community.

Help is available for a wide range of bioinformatics-related issues, including software selection, installation and assistance on HPCC systems; script and program development; and limited systems administration assistance for on-site labs. Please visit the iCER Bioinformatics Support page for more information or to setup a consultation.

EDAMAME: Explorations in Data Analysis for Metagenomic Advances in Microbial Ecology

August 13th - 20th, 2014
Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University

Instructors: Dr. Ashley Shade, Dr. Tracy Teal, Dr. Joshua Herr

More information and application:

This intensive one-week summer course will introduce students to: navigating shell and command-line, quality control and analyses of amplicon and shotgun sequencing data, and ecological analysis of community patterns. The last day of the workshop will be a Choose Your Own Adventure (in-depth tutorial) of a special interest topic.

Analyzing NextGen Sequencing Data

June 6th - June 17th, 2011
Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University

Instructors: Dr. C. Titus Brown, Dr. Ian Dworkin, and Dr. Istvan Albert.

Applications must be received by March 25th for full consideration.

More information and application:

This intensive two week summer course will introduce students with a strong
biology background to the practice of analyzing short-read sequencing data from
Roche 454, Illumina GA2, ABI SOLiD, Pacific Biosciences, and other next-gen

No prior programming experience is required, although familiarity with some
programming concepts is helpful, and bravery in the face of the unknown is
necessary. 2 years or more of graduate school in a biological science is
strongly suggested.

NextGen Bioinformatics Seminars

We are pleased to announce a new seminar series on NextGen Bioinformatics and Data Analysis. This monthly Seminar series will feature graduate student and postdoc presenters, who will focus on actual data analysis problems faced by biological researchers, and the methodologies and tools they are utilizing to address them. The goal is to provide insight as to how various techniques, software, and computing resources can be employed to tackle NextGen sequencing data.

Talks will be held in 502A Biochemistry from 1-2pm. See the seminar schedule for more information.

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Experimental Evolution — Dr. Richard Lenski

Gene Expression in Development & Disease Focus Group (GEDD) — Dr. David Arnosti, Director

Lab of Genomics, Evolution, and Development (CSE/MMG) — Dr. C. Titus Brown

Plant Research Laboratory (PRL) — MSU-DOE Partnership

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